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Holmes And Rahe Stress Scale

Assesses the impact stressful life events may have on individual health.

You can read more about the two versions (adult and non-adult) of the scale and how these are interpreted in the text below the calculator.

The Holmes and Rahe stress scale, or the social readjustment rating scale, also called, evaluates whether stressful situations in an individual’s life may carry a low or high likelihood of future health breakdown. This is based on the social readjustment rating scale (SRRS), developed in 1967 by psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe, to assess life stressors.

The original 43 item life stress inventory (for adults) and 39 item inventory (for non-adults) are awarded a score based on the individual weight of each chosen item.

The possible result categories are defined in the table below:

Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale result Interpretation (susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdown in following 24 months)
  • <150 Low risks of illness
  • 150 – 299 Moderate risk (50% chances)
  • ≥300 High risk (80% chances
If you are experiencing symptoms of moderate to high levels of undue stress, it is recommended that you seek the help of a psychiatrist or your healthcare provider.



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