Is there TMS Therapy Near Me?

You don’t have to live with depression or any other mental illness. There is a solution. TMS for depression may be your solution to a much better quality of life. It certainly was for me.

I’ve suffered from depression for 21 years. When I searched, is there was TMS therapy near me, this was the beginning of a positive change in my life.

Drepression in High School

I’m not really a writer, but I thought my story might inspire others with depression to seek help. As I look back on my life, I realize that my depression probably existed in high school. Back then, I was always aware of the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings I had when around others. I attributed it to the thought that I was just an ‘old soul’ and well beyond my years.

Perhaps this was because my brother was 8 years older than me, and much of my childhood was spent with his friends always hanging around our home. On the other hand, maybe it was just my genes, who knows. But the point is that I never seemed to connect with those my own age, which made me sad. I felt different and even somewhat depressed. But as a teenager, I had no idea why I felt the way I did.

College Years. Was It Depression or Loneliness?

I had the time of my life when I attended college. I suppose the partying and having fun masked the underlying depression feelings for a while. Shortly after graduation, I was able to get my first ‘real job’ and moved into an apartment on my own. Feeling good about my accomplishments but ended up working two jobs to make ends meet on my own.

Marriage, Childbirth and Divorce

I soon spent nights on the couch listening to Travis Tritt and sobbing like a child because I was so lonely and sad. I couldn’t seem to ‘snap out of it. My best friend was not around, my sister had just got married, and I wasn’t the type of person to hang with so-called friends on the weekends running from bar to bar. Being alone was certainly no fun. Was it depression or loneliness?

Fast forward a few years, I ended up getting married and was blessed with my son, my only child. He was the light of my life. The joy I felt only came from him. But shortly after he was born, I found myself divorced and raising my son alone.

Tuning Everyone and Everthing Out

During the next 15 years of my life, I battled loneliness, feelings of sadness, lack of desire to spend time with friends, and just threw myself into my work and my son.

I tuned everything and everyone else out. Giving in to the depression was not a wise choice. I feel like I lost 15 years of my life. I had moments where I felt like the only reason I had to live with my son. Of course, I hid how I felt from my son, my family, coworkers, and the two or three friends that I had.

In fact, everyone around me thought I was doing great independently, and some even seemed envious. Wow, if only they had known how I felt on the inside. I felt empty and as if life had no purpose.

TMS Therapy Changed My life

When my thoughts began going down that road with thoughts of death, I knew it was time to seek help. That’s when I began my online search, which led me to learn more about TMS therapy. TMS is also called transcranial magnetic stimulation. After much research, I decided that antidepressants were definitely not something I ever wanted to take.

I recall one of my neighbors trying multiple different antidepressants and other medications for her stress. I always told myself I would never go down that road after seeing what these medications did to her. After reading a ton of research about TMS, I did a Google search of the six words that changed my life, is there TMS therapy near me, and 3 weeks later, I began my treatment.

My experience with TMS therapy changed my life. My only regret is that I feel like I lost all the joy I could have had for the last two decades of my life. While my story is not unique, I hope that someone will find it inspirational enough to seek help. You don’t have to live with depression or any other mental illness. There is a solution. TMS for depression may be your solution to a much better quality of life. It certainly was for me.


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