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TMS therapy is a fast-growing industry for medical providers across the globe. Why? Because it effectively relieves the symptoms of depression and other mental conditions for many patients. But, starting a TMS clinic can be a complicated and daunting process. Metro NeuroHealth makes the TMS start-up and ongoing operations effortless for TMS clinic owners.

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TMS Institute of Advanced Neurohealth

Dr. Vinay Saranga is an MNH client and TMS provider in Apex, NC

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TMS Institute of Arizona

Dr. Ruchir Patel is an MNH client and TMS provider in Scottsdale, AZ

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Steadfast Behavioral Health

Amy Yentsch, PMHNP is an MNH client and TMS provider in Norwell, MA

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Shasta Meadows Wellness Center

Dr. James Taggart is an MNH client and TMS provider in Redding, CA

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Camden Psychiatry

Dr. Marianne Bernadino is an MNH client and TMS provider in Camden, ME

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Sound Mind TMS Therapy

Dr. Robert Smith is an MNH client and TMS provider in Cullman, AL

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Ketamine Clinics of LA

Dr. Steven Mandel is an MNH client and TMS provider in Los Angeles, CA

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Friendswood Psychiatry

Dr. Irene Pedraza is an MNH client and TMS provider in Friendswood, TX

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Brighter Days TMS

Dr. Vemulapalli is an MNH client and TMS provider in Germantown, MD

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Avant Psychiatry

Dr. Justin Anyokwu offers TMS in Austell, Marietta, and Fayetteville, GA

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GIA Miami

Dr. Antonello Bonci, a pioneer in TMS research and offers TMS in Miami, FL

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Holistic Behavioral & TMS

Lawrence Abah, PMHNP, is a MNH client and TMS provider in Aurora, IL

Fasten your seatbelts and settle in while you learn the knowledge you need to take your TMS clinic soaring from infinity and beyond.

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TMS Start It Up!™ Checklist

So, you’ve decided to start a TMS therapy clinic but you don’t know all the necessary steps. Use this handy TMS Start It Up! Checklist for specific steps required to start your TMS clinic. Once you’ve formulated your business plan and know where you’ll obtain the money to fund your new startup, the next step is following our step-by-step instructions for starting your business right the first time without making costly mistakes!

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TMS Device Selection

Since the initial FDA approval of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in 2008, there are now a total of seven approved TMS therapy systems to choose from. Each manufacturer has varying levels of support, priorities for use, and other features to consider when selecting a TMS device that best meets your needs and budget for a TMS clinic. The most important thing to consider during the TMS device selection process is the safety and efficacy of the system. So, performing good due diligence is critical. MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services can assist in this process by providing an unbiased overview of each of the FDA-approved systems.

We Can Help with TMS Device Selection

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Physician & TMS Clinic Credentialing

Contracting and credentialing is essential for a TMS therapy clinic. Why? Because TMS treatment is expensive. While many patients may pay out-of-pocket for therapy and medication management, most will seek insurance coverage for more expensive treatments, especially when they are covered by their insurance. There are extra steps in the process when it concerns contracting with payer networks for TMS therapy services. Done haphazardly or if postponed until after you’ve ordered a TMS system, it can wreak havoc on cash-flow and cause many other problems. While there are many credentialing companies to choose from, it is critical that you perform due diligence and select a contracting and credentialing provider that fully understands the process and contracting for TMS therapy and other lines of treatment, such as Spravato (esketamine). MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services specializes in TMS and psychiatry credentialing. Our team of TMS credentialing specialists are well experienced in contracting and credentialing with mental health payers nationally. We have many clients that would attest to our diligence, responsiveness, expertise, and professionalism. Just ask for a reference check – and we won’t hesitate!

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TMS & Psychiatry Billing

There are many great mental health billing companies, but very few who fully understand all the intricacies of TMS therapy billing. Just as you would not want a rookie to handling your personal investments, you not want a billing service provider without a comprehensive knowledge of the entire TMS patient intake process handling your TMS clinic billing. The revenue cycle starts with the benefits and eligibility check, moves to the prior authorization phase, and crosses the finish line with the electronic fund transfer. Save time and money with improved collections for a fraction of the average price of TMS billing. MNH TMS & Psychiatry Services keeps rates low, but make no mistake, our service and expertise are among the best in the industry.

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TMS & Mental Health Custom Website Development & Marketing

Website development companies are a dime a dozen. There are many to choose from. Finding one that best suits your needs, is reasonable with their fees, and who has a complete understanding of the TMS therapy market can be a daunting task.

Your website will be your businesses greatest asset when it concerns keeping your chair full. Therefore, it is important to have a website that performs well. To create this type of a website, it not only requires a comprehensive understanding of TMS therapy from a patient perspective, but also requires an astute knowledge of how to design the site to perform well. This includes layout, driving visitor engagement, and search engine optimization (SEO).

MNH builds secure, custom, interactive, mobile responsive websites that gives you everything required to set the stage for an effective website that works to your advantage. Utilizing advanced search engine optimization (SEO) applications is crucial to significantly increase site traffic and brand awareness. Greater than 80% of website traffic begins with the search query. So, what’s the point of having a website if it never gets seen?

Our SEO experts will take a deep dive into the analytics and develop a strategy for your website with the right keywords and phrases, site mapping, and optimized onsite SEO during the development phase. A well-designed website is the single greatest asset of any TMS clinic owner. Therefore, it is also critical to implement an organic local search engine optimization plan. MNH provides an enhanced hosting plan that automatically takes care of your search engine marketing needs for a fraction of the cost of other website management or digital marketing agencies.

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